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Saturday pancakes or breakfast in American style

Yes... I admit, i write this post not in day of preparation, but nevertheless i'll tell as it was.
Saturday morning, woke up in the 9 am. The day before i  decided that i need to make a lot of things and therefore to rise as early as possible... and incentive was - to wake up early for watching culinary programs on TV... which already didn't watch for years. It also starts early in the morning, and usually i sleep at this time :) 
And here you are - morning of Saturday! Weather excellent, mood... still sleepy, but i was ready to fulfillments of great deeds. And i remembered about pancakes, which i dreamed to cook for a long time. I was alone at home - so in case of experiment failure - nobody would know... :) So, actually, it's all background of wonderful pancakes story.Very simply, quickly and unusually in comparison with our Russian pancakes (usually we cook very thin pancakes). Main thing! ! ! you should have yummy topping: jam, honey or something else.

(makes 12)

2 eggs
0,5 tsp of salt
3 tbsp of sugar
2 glasses of milk
2 glasses of a flour
1 tsp of extinguished soda
3 tbsp of vegetable oil

1. Eggs it is beaten with sugar and salt before emergence of foam.

2 . Let's add a glass of milk, beat well with a beater (or mixer at a low speed), gradually pour a flour, constantly breaking lumps.

3 . Repeat the previous point, having added glasses of milk and a flour.

4 . Pour in vegetable oil (it is possible to take drawn butter).

5 . Let's add extinguished soda in dough and will mix well. Leave it for 5–10 minutes. And at this time we will warm a frying pan.

6 . Fry on moderate fire. As soon as will appear little bubbles and they will start bursting, turn pancake and  fry about 20-30 seconds.

You can serve with different delicious things: honey, jam, chocolate sauce, syrups...
It's great idea for a weekend breakfast.

Bon appetit! ;)

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