воскресенье, 13 апреля 2014 г.

Orientally cooked beef

(makes for 2)
200 g - beef sirloin (in an ideal)
30 g - onions
30 g  - a celery (stalk)
30 g  - field mushrooms
~ 10 g  - corn starch (corn it is considered that is better :)
50 ml - soy sauce
1 piece - paprika (I took a half yellow and red - more colours, I like it)
Parsley bunch
20 g  - sesame
vegetable oil
salt, pepper to taste

1. To smooth out tenderloin from films, to cut plastic in 1 cm (it is possible to cut on slices less, and it is possible to leave plasticity - on your taste. it is pleasant to us slices). Roll in in starch.

2. To wash, peel and cut field mushrooms plates and in half. To chop onions into cubes. Pepper small slivers. To cut a stalk of a celery thickness in 0,5 cm. It seems no vegetables forgot :) Generally, prepared vegetables. (don't cut too small)

3. On strongly warmed frying pan to fry meat, when lay out meat in a frying pan - don't overturn, don't disturb and don't bother it! ) let's it be roasted a few about 1-1,5 min. and then turn.

4. Add vegetables and scald them, i.e. heat, without changing color and a form. Then add soy sauce and  warm up, if necessary to add some water. Sauce has to thicken a little.

5. Lay out a hill on the center of a plate and sprinkle slightly subfried sesame.

Bon apetite!

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